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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Check Out Kim Kardashian Before And After Her Butt Implants

Photo proof that Kim Kardashian had Butt Implants! Do you see that flat bum on the left compared to the
surgically enhanced one on the right? Photos don't lie, do they? What do you think?


  1. I think photoshop works in both directions.

  2. Of course she got her ass imploded w her own fat. She has the money n knew it would help make her famous bc she fucked ray j video taped it on purpose and sold the rights to it. She is a self made porno star and its sick and sad she is even known. Her looks are going down hill. She will be 40before she knows and be known for being pissed on and fucked by a has been actor and getting knocked up by a egotistical piece of shit. Good job for a whore I guess. Her child is going to have a lot of issues growing up. I hope her daughter does everything she did. Maybe kim will see the light. But her n Kane r gonna get divorced. Her child wi be a porn star or drug addict. These lives are sad to watch. Wish we could stop magazines all together from embellishing these crap in society


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